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Get ready for our next meeting

During our session we will have a hands-on activity (don’t worry it will be easy) where you can test drive the miro.com platform by interacting within a break out room to share your thoughts and ideas. After watching the screencast above, click the link below to play around and experiment. 

What you need to do:

  • Get familiar with how miro works
  • Answer the 3 questions
  • have fun
  • During our session we will work thru a couple of questions and learn about some of the other tools. 

 Tips for Navigating on the page:

  • Using the space bar, that will switch your cursor to the hand tool and while holding that in you quickly navigate around on the page.
  • In the lower right corner you can hover over the percent and it will display a series of controls to quickly zoom in or out of the screen.
  • If you hit command + or command - you can zoom in or out via keyboard command or on your touchpad pinch and zoom.

Have fun and see you on Thursday.

Nick Floro

Zoom Meetings

  • We use Zoom Meetings.
  • You may use the https://join.zoom.us option to join the meeting in a browser without downloading the Zoom client. If you can't join a Zoom meeting from your corporate computer, send an email to info@midnjatd.org.
  • Attendees must register. After registration we will sent an email with the link to the Zoom Meeting.

External Tools used in Zoom Meetings

Presenters may share external links during the presentation. For some activities you may need to switch between your Zoom session and your  browser. 

Contact us:  

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