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November 2016 - Pricing Your Services Webinar

October 2016 - Storytelling Workshop

August 2016 -  Networking  Night with NNJ Chapter

June 2016 - Trends in Management and Leadership


March 2016

The Mid-New Jersey ATD Chapter brings leading experts in the Learning and Talent Development Industry to talk about the current trends in 2016. 

The Mid-NJ ATD Chapter is actively supporting local members in their professional development and keeping them abreast of the industry.  Towards that end on Thursday, March 23 Mid-NJ ATD brought together top experts to discuss as a panel the latest trends in Learning and Development.

To start off the event David Frankel, Chapter Relations Manager from ATD National, showcased the upcoming 2016 International ATD Conference in May.

Next President of the chapter, Kim McConnell, proceeded with a rundown of the newest board members of the chapter.  Then as host and moderator started the panel session with the question:

“What do you consider to be the current top 3 trends the Learning and Talent Development Area?”


1)      Gus Prestera, Owner of Prestera FX and Prestera Academy, highlighted the impact of the upcoming tech savvy Millennials and Generation Z that will represent 75% of the future workforce and disruptive technologies, such as MOOCs, that are gaining popularity.

       2)      Author of “Learning Environments by Design – Enabling Learning in the Digital Age”, Catherine Lombardozzi, Director of the Center for Creative Instruction and Technology at Delaware Technical Community College, mentions that organizations are trying to figure out how to better connect their learning technology systems and their productivity systems to help their people learn and perform. Our roles, as L&D specialists, used to be training people, but we are evolving to support performance, curate learning, and know how to leverage other learning systems.
      3)      “Culture, as a strategic advantage…..” said Ross Grossman, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Regeneron. Regeneron has been lauded as #1 & #2 employer in the BioPharma world due to its unique approach to hiring and retention of their employees.

And as the night progressed, the audience at the event stayed highly-engaged with question after question, delving further into each of the trends as seen by the panelists.

For more information or questions about our future events please contact Kim McConnell at

Thank you for your interest!

Mid-New Jersey ATD Chapter


More events....

Join us at the next North New Jersey ATD meeting on April 7 in Bridgewater NJ at the Hilton Garden Inn to learn about Mastering Storytelling for Maximum Impact.   This event is co--hosted by ATD National, ICF and NSA.  There will be a full hour of networking followed by this interactive presentation by Lou Heckler, motivational speaker, keynote presenter and speech coach with a unique blend of knowledge, integrity, experience, humor and heart!

For more information and registration check out the North NJ ATD site here.

Stay tuned for lots of new and exiting events coming soon! 
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